Tuesday, 23 August 2016

MRMS Attendance Modules

A Fully Integrated Attendance System

Our attendance system is unique because it a part of holistic approach to human capital management. This is allowing organizations to strategically labor cost and compliance risk while overall productivity.

Maximum Flexibility

With our cloud-based platform, your organization has the freedom to record time through a web-based time clock and time sheets, so you don’t have to waste money on expensive hardware. You can choose from multiple time entry methods without sacrificing efficiency, control or compliance.

Labor Compliance, Auditing and Reporting

When employees use the MRMS Attendance system, they can be required to electronically attest to their time, in order to ensure your organization is compliant with wage and labor laws. The system also maintains an auditable electronic history of time in and out, differential pay, leave requests, and balances.

Modern Manager Tool

Employee attendance data is graphed on manager dashboards in real-time for compliance monitoring and proactive management. Address missing punches before payroll deadlines and send automated reminders for time sheet submission. With MRMS approvals, time sheets are simultaneously routed to multiple managers for faster review and approval of employee time worked in their assignment.

Effective Workforce Management

Tracking employee attendance shouldn’t take over anyone’s schedule. With MRMS, take back your valuable hours and get time tracking under control. Increase efficiency and productivity with accurate attendance tracking, flexible paperless process, and an integrated employee database.


Flexible, convenient, accurate, and loaded with options, MRMS will help you get workforce management into shape. Our software is designed to effectively manage many difficult scheduling issues, like remote workers, distributed teams, and more. We simplify the complicated world of scheduling, leave requests, and reporting while helping you maintain compliance in a rapidly changing world. Here are a few features of our MRMS


·         Business rule-based options
·         Multi-level, user-defined business policies
·         Eliminates the need for PC/Bio metric
/Time card or more with mobile
·         Electronic time management
·         Unlimited user-defined scheduling
·         Broad selection of standard reports
·         Real-time event reporting


An MRMS daily log (attendance) is available as a cloud-based solution or as web-enabled in-house software platforms. Built to function as a stand-alone application, MRMS is even better in concert with our other modules. MRMS runs on one employee database - keeping records current, eliminating redundant data entry, and saving you time and money.


Our software is developed and supported in house. That focuses on support means highly trained, knowledgeable reps at your service. We stay up-to- date on regulations and create tools to maintain compliance, especially in today’s changing landscape.

Each client is assigned their own dedicated support person. We’ve been focused on good client relationships and strong customer service.

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