Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Our Mobile app helps you better manage and connect with employees on the go

Our efforts and work remedy provides remarkable benefits to a wide variety of companies. Now, with the launch of MRMS app, sectors with on-the-go employees can knock in wherever they are and managers can monitor and implement presence guidelines easier than ever before.

The new mobile application is ideal for customers that implement craftsmen, electrical engineers, software engineers, students, interns, backyard gardeners, catering services, home care nursing staff, motorists and other mobile employees.

The new mobile application uses the phone's local system, allows for individual and team punches—including division, job, process information and limitations.

Mobile Punch

Your time in you mobile. Employees can easily log in and out for work as well as for foods and snacks. Routine and food limitations can also be customized depending on your company's guidelines.

Additional features
  • Make updates to your address and phone number directly.
  • Centralized Application Configuration
  • You retain centralized control over the application.
  • GPS Location
  • If available, the GPS coordinates of the phone are captured and attached to the punch.

“Workable is simple, intuitive and made for teams”

Cloud based use workable anywhere
Flexible, affordable subscription plans
Unlimited email and  phone support for every plan
Your own secure applicant tracking system

MRMS Mobile app provides workable pay-roll, primary HR, time & presence information to supervisors and workers immediately and is ideally accessible from any suitable device.

Reports anytime, anyway you want them.

You love how our mobile application allows you to narrow, team and type just about every part of information in MRMS. 

Shared Integration in the Cloud

Save your efforts and reduce costly mistakes by working with clean information in a central source of data.

Support your employees by enabling them to:
  • Manage time off, including online leave booking and verification
  • Update personal details and contacts
  • Maintain their skills, qualifications and competency profile
  • Access personal documents, pay slips and organizational material
  • Review, request and book training activities
  • Access pay, reward and benefits data including total reward statements
  • View non-sensitive employee directories

Support your managers by enabling them to:
  • Access relevant team data quickly, easily and securely
  • Approve employee information and change requests
  • Review team pay, benefit and reward, including online salary modeling and submission
  • Manage their own and employee absence requests and see who’s off in their team
  • Support decision making via access to interactive management dashboards and reporting

Monday, 3 October 2016

Modules and functionality of Leave policy

 Attendance updates and tracking, is easy with tools like electronic leave requests, work flow approvals, and full visibility into leave balances. “Leave” can be tracked according to any classifications, rules, or plan details that apply to your organization. Managers can use the Who Is Going to be out? And approve the leave as per their needs. The approval of the same can be viewed by which employees on their team have approved or have pending leave requests for the current, past, and future months.


“With an increasing number of employees working remotely, quick access to employee information is more important than ever.”

Optimized specifically for smart phone and accessible on a range of devices, MRMS’s mobile functionality provides users with fast and secure access to their core employees data. Valuable time can be saved by enabling employees and managers to request or record leave and absence and verify approval are rejection enabling team information and whereabouts to be viewed anytime, anywhere. With a user-friendly interface and effortless navigation, accessing the relevant information is made easy.

“Enhance employee engagement with 24/7 access to the system and a branded mobile interface to reflect your organization’s ethos and culture.”

“It is a huge benefit that staff members can login from absolutely anywhere. It has helped to achieve total buy-in across the company from CEO down. The majority of people have linked the system to their phones so they can use and access it all of the time.”

Access employee information through the Employee Directory

Search for current employees within your organization or immediate team
Quick links to email or call the selected employee
Visibility of an employee’s work location using the native mapping tool on your device
Fast availability  to line manager contact information.

Enter, view and verify absence

View details of your holiday entitlement, what you have used and what you have remaining. Insert, edit and delete time off entries and send them for manager approval

Managers and HR users can use the Who’s Off chart to check team cover before verifying leave requests

“We have trained people how to access it by tablets and mobile phones, our colleagues really like this factor, as they can be at home or on holiday and still access it from a mobile device at any time they like."

We have trained people how to access it by tablets and mobile phones, our colleagues really like this factor, as they can be at home or on holiday and still access it from a mobile device at any time they like

Goodbye HRMS Desktop. Hello MRMS app- HR on the Move.

MRMS unites all aspects of HR, payroll, and talent management in one comprehensive cloud solution that delivers serious business benefits for your organization and the most human capital management functionality available for the greatest value today.

Human Resources

MRMS delivers all the strategic HR functionality you need in one global system of record. Track all human capital management information about your employees, including personal information, employment history, benefits information, performance history and more.

Payroll Administration, Tax Management and Compliance

The most flexible, functional payroll engine on the market, MRMS handles even the most complex payroll computations and requirements for employees in just a few simple steps.

Benefits Administration, Open Enrollment and Life Events

MRMS makes setting up and administering benefits simple and efficient. MRMS provides an intuitive benefits enrollment experience for employees that guides them to make well-informed benefits choices for themselves and their families.

Talent Management

MRMS talent solutions can help you engage and develop your workforce for today and tomorrow with easy to use human capital management, performance management and succession management tools for the person-centered lifecycle. You can deliver a continuous performance management process, support employee career development, and build a talent pipeline for the future with MRMS.

Reporting, Workforce Analytics, and Business Intelligence Tools

Gain complete visibility and insight into your workforce with MRMS comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools. MRMS lets you pull data across all areas of your people management to capture key metrics in an instant.

Business/Employee Portal

A central gateway to business activities, the MRMS portal keeps everyone in your organization connected and empowers your workforce to operate at peak efficiency.
MRMS Touch Base

MRMS Touch Base is an easy-to-use, tablet-based time clock, labor data collection platform, and employee self-service device. In addition to being the point-of-time entry, MRMS Touch Base also provides your hourly employees with kiosk-based access to critical HR and payroll information from a touch screen device—helping to further simplify their work experience.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a highly configurable solution that lets you assess performance and gather feedback on an ongoing basis to get the best results out of your employees.

Succession Management

Succession Management can help you create a proactive, executable plan for professional growth and career advancement for all employees. MRMS can help foster employee engagement, and make a big difference at your organization.

Predictive Analytics Tools

Obtain an unbiased approach to identifying your company’s highest performers and flight risks with MRMS predictive analytics tools. This new generation of insight-driven tools can help effectively and proactively impact an employee’s success and retention.

Career Development

Equip your business for the future—with MRMS career development tools, you can chart professional growth and manage development opportunities across your entire workforce.

Global HCM

MRMS enables multinational organizations to engage employees locally, ensure targeted compliance, achieve one view of their global workforce, and deliver a consistent and culturally relevant experience for all employees, regardless of location.


Mobile delivers important workforce information in an instant—enabling your mobile workforce to make effective decisions and conduct business regardless of location or time of day.

Position Management

Position Management helps you manage your resource budget, measure trends, and better forecast the future. This feature is best suited for a large enterprise organization.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

MRMS Attendance Tracking

Not Your Typical Online Attendance Software

Don't settle for a rigid employee time tracking system that doesn't fit the way you work. MRMS attendance tracking system adapts to the most complex labor environments, keeping you in control of your workforce and in compliance with labor laws, while reducing your labor costs.

“Complex pay rules? Multiple locations and job assignments? No problem!”

MRMS attendance tracking software is different than other workforce management systems. There is no need to spend countless dollars on professional services to make the system work for you.
Plain and simple, no environment is too complex for our online time and attendance system. With MRMS, managing complex overtime rules, union contracts, multiple pay groups, numerous work site locations, shift differentials and more is easier than ever.
“Transform smart phones into time clocks with our Mobile Resource Management System.”
“MRMS Tracking for Your On-the-Go Workforce”
With the simple touch of a button, employees can easily clock in and out for work right from a mobile device. Online or offline, MRMS captures the date, time and GPS location of a punch.

Time tracking data is available in our unified human capital management system in real-time, giving you complete visibility into the comings and goings of your workforce.

Compatible with iOS® and Android® devices, MRMS is configurable for use by:
  •     Single employees
  •     Work crews
  •         Managers

Easy for Employees

In a few simple clicks, employees can time in and out for shifts and breaks with instant confirmation of punch details. They can also enter work site information, tasks or work ticket, view schedules, request paid time off or check their balances right from the app.

Hard to Outsmart

MRMS captures the date, time and location of a time in or time out, even when cell service is down. With real-time visibility, managers can immediately address exceptions when the time in or time out is made outside an acceptable radius.

The features can be enabled to automatically clock out workers when they leave a designated work area. What's more?

Highly Adaptable

MRMS can be configured for use by single employees and managers. Beyond capturing basic punch information, employers have the option to track allocated hours by department and/or task. grow, our solution grows with you. Activate the payroll services and HR for a full human capital management solution, all within the same technology platform.”

Time & Attendance

Traditional timekeeping methods set the stage for calculation and data entry errors, as well as incorrect application of company policies. Honest mistakes are frequent and usually not discovered until after payroll has been disbursed, if ever at all. Additional time and money are commonly spent on error correction, tax penalties, and even legal disputes. The entire process is unnecessarily labor-intensive, error prone and costly.

MRMS replaces cumbersome tracking procedures and completely eliminates collecting payroll information manually.

MRMS is a very robust and capable program for managing time and attendance. Yet, ease-of-use has not been compromised by its power. We've made certain the program is easy to get started, use, and maintain. MRMS helps you Collect, Manage, and Process your employee time.

Collect Time

Collect time with a physical time clock, through your web browser, or mobile device. We have a solution for any work environment, and all integrate seamlessly with MRMS Time.

Manage Time

MRMS, Time provides flexible time tracking with a rules driven approach. Supervisors can easily view absences, monitor exceptions, and receive alerts. It is built to handle overtime and premiums, rounding rules, meal and break policies, and even complex environments that have shifts that cross midnight. MRMS handles it all with ease.

Time, Attendance, and Scheduling

MRMS Time and Attendance is a highly flexible solution designed to meet unique time and labor requirements across all industries and across all levels of an organization, providing people with quick, simple, and accurate time entry. This solution is best suited for a large enterprise organization.

Time Management

MRMS Time Management automates and simplifies time tracking. Support all levels of your organization to complete time entry with ease and efficiency, seamlessly integrate with employee and pay information, and receive automatic compliance and labor law updates. This solution is best suited for a mid-market organization.

MRMS connects with net time solutions to provide a state-of-the-art, cloud-based time and attendance option to automate time capture and help your organization comply with labor laws.

Time Codes, Submission & Approval
  •     Configurable allocation of timesheets
  •     Overtime tracking
  •     Out of hours
  •       Employee submission / approval of timesheets
  •     Configurable multi-level approval


Flexible, convenient, accurate, and loaded with options, Optimum Time & Attendance will help you get workforce management into shape. Our software is designed to effectively manage many difficult scheduling issues, like remote workers, drivers, distributed teams, and more. 

“With MRMS biometric time clocks, down-to-the-minute time tracking is just the beginning.”
Our  biometric time clocks make time fraud obsolete. MRMS biometric time clocks give you real time visibility into your workforce.

Management Insight
Custom Business Intelligence and Dashboards

Visualize your data in charts, reports, and KPIs with MRMS. Share reports with recruiting managers, account managers, and back-office staff. Customize dashboards for users and management within your organization.

All-in-One Solution

MRMS streamlines all of your organization's tasks and contains them within a single solution. With MRMS, you avoid cumbersome, time-consuming integrations with third-party add-ons.


MRMS reporting capabilities can be scaled to manage distinct groups or departments within your organization. Leverage MRMS to provide reports at the individual, group, division, or company-wide level.

MRMS Dashboards brings your business and all its data together into one efficient and convenient platform.
  •    All workforce management data in one place
  •    Automated reporting
  •        Increased transparency for better accountability
  •       Visualization
  •       Organization

“When we first went to the new time clock, I was amazed that I could complete payroll in a day and a half instead of three days…time saved is money saved.”

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

MRMS Admin Feature Modules

  • Supports multiple plan types, including medical, dental, vision, life, and disability.
  • Employee deduction amounts are automatically assigned to employees by mass updates at the end of open enrollment.
  • Carrier Connections has built-in integrations for hundreds of popular benefit providers and automatically reports benefit information for simple, flexible, and cost-saving communication with carriers.
  • Employee access to benefit plan information 24/7 from any device.
  • Reduce manual processes and increase efficiencies.
  • Unified system automatically saves benefit enrollment information to the employee record once submitted.
  • Track coverage and contribution amounts.
  • Manage Affordable Care Act compliance for employees eligible for coverage.
  • Manage Affordable Care Act compliance for employees eligible for coverage.
  • Run all the reports you need from one centralized location.

Strict Access Controls

All user sessions are authenticated and all data changes are secured and tracked in the MRMS cloud. MRMS admin users have the ability to define access privileges on a user by user basis. MRMS also utilizes two-factor authentication for added security to ensure only authorized users are accessing your company data.

MRMS app HR- On the move

Trusted Data Centers

MRMS servers are hosted in IBM softlayer High Speed Secure data centers with 24/7/365 onsite personnel, biometric access, around-the-clock surveillance, and physical ID check. The data centers are powered by redundant power with backup generators on standby for minimal disruption in the event of a natural disaster.

Protection and Security

At MRMS, we understand that security is a top priority for companies adopting or using a cloud solution. In order to provide our customers with high levels of security, we perform full security audits of our product and infrastructure regularly. Our security controls have been evaluated as meeting the standards of IBM Mobile First .

Your time clock in a pocket. Employees can quickly punch in and out for work as well as for meals and breaks. Schedule and meal restrictions can also be enforced based on your company's policies.

Key Features:
  • Mobile access to employee records, issued company assets, and accrual balances.
  • Know the status of your workforce, such as employees on vacation and who’s clocked in and out.
  • Stay on top of employee events and dates, such as annual reviews and anniversaries.
  • Mobile access to information like pay stubs, W-2s, benefits enrollment, and time off requests.
  • Valuable employee and company information is safe even on the go in our private, secure cloud.
  • Employees can use their mobile devices to edit their demographic information, emergency contacts, and tax statuses.

  1. Business rule-based options
  2. Multi-level, user-defined business policies
  3. Eliminates the need for time cards with PC/mobile/bio-metric options and more
  4. Electronic timecard management
  5. Unlimited user-defined scheduling
  6. Broad selection of standard reports
  7. Real-time event reporting
  8. Make time tracking easier -  easier and efficient track 
  9. Better manage your employees -  Manage time and attendance of employee profiles
  10. Full Security-Eliminate buddy punching and time theft.
  11. Handles any work environment
  12. Track employee time from home, the work site, multiple locations, and more.
  13. Make scheduling a breeze
  14. Allow supervisors to quickly build shifts and schedules for their employees.
  15. Efficient and modern time and attendance
  16. Unifies time and labour management
  17. Easy employee self service
  18. Configurable time clock solutions
  19. Configurable time clock solutions


  • All workforce management data in one place
  • Automated reporting
  • Increased transparency for better accountability
  • Visualization
  • Organization

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Secure mobile devices, apps and content

Enable your IT and security professionals to manage their smart phones, tablets, app content, and infrastructure – to deliver enterprise mobility, productivity and operational efficiency.

MRMS can build, customize, enhance and continuously deliver HR solutions more efficiently. It can be used on premises environment or as a cloud offering.

MRMS app is available on premises, as well as on a private or public cloud.

  • MRMS –A Mobile interface between Existing HR applications, back-end systems, cloud-based services & also integrate Bio metric devices.
  • MRMS works with inbuilt tool like attendance & leave module, payslip access through Smartphone which can be customized according to their own company policies.
  • MRMS app enables an administrative portal to provide real-time operational analytics for the server, adapters, applications and push services. It helps you manage, monitor and instrument mobile apps powered by IBM Mobile First 
  • Manage MRMS app Modules of your company from a single central interface with detailed operational analytics.
  • MRMS enable with IBM mobile first can safeguard mobile security at the device, application, data and network layer.

MRMS –IBM Blue Mix enable

   Pay As you go

·         MRMS Connect and synchronize your existing HR solutions with enterprise data, applications and cloud services – including IBM BlueMix.
     Build apps for any mobile operating environment and device
  • Build, enhance and continuously deploy to multiple platforms and create mobile and Omni-channel applications quickly.
  • Use standards-based technologies to take advantage of third-party libraries and frameworks.
  • Avoid code translation, proprietary interpreters and unpopular scripting languages.
  • Accelerate development with support for the latest iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Java ME, mobile and desktop environments.
  • Reduce time-consuming manual test processes with an integrated mobile application testing capability.

Connect and synchronize mobile apps
  • Connect to back-end data, applications and cloud services more easily.
  • Transform enterprise data into the mobile-friendly, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format that can be synchronized, encrypted and stored locally on mobile devices.
  •  Employ advanced mobile middleware for caching, data synchronization and encryption.
  •  Use wizards to explore available SOAP and SAP Netweaver Gateway back-end services and automatically generate integration code.
  • Collect geo-location data without exhausting mobile resources by setting policies for acquiring and using data in batch and sending it in only when needed.

Safeguard mobile security
  • Ensure timely adoption of critical security updates.
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO) and device SSO while integrating with existing authentication and security approaches.
  • Manage your mobile app portfolio from a single central interface
  •  Get an integrated management console with role-based access and security audit logs based on standard Java EE-security integration.
  • Offers operational analytics – including response time analysis, on-device and on-wire data size reports, notification analysis, server workload analysis and crash analysis.
  • Govern app distribution and version management, make direct updates for enforced version upgrades and manage push notifications.
  • Create a security-rich, hardened shell to enforce common branding, security and data access standards.
  • Use scalable data services
  • Use scalable, fault-tolerant JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data store to handle peak usage and continuous data availability and durability.
  • Get faster development and improved access to data with advanced indexing and querying capabilities.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

MRMS Attendance Modules

A Fully Integrated Attendance System

Our attendance system is unique because it a part of holistic approach to human capital management. This is allowing organizations to strategically labor cost and compliance risk while overall productivity.

Maximum Flexibility

With our cloud-based platform, your organization has the freedom to record time through a web-based time clock and time sheets, so you don’t have to waste money on expensive hardware. You can choose from multiple time entry methods without sacrificing efficiency, control or compliance.

Labor Compliance, Auditing and Reporting

When employees use the MRMS Attendance system, they can be required to electronically attest to their time, in order to ensure your organization is compliant with wage and labor laws. The system also maintains an auditable electronic history of time in and out, differential pay, leave requests, and balances.

Modern Manager Tool

Employee attendance data is graphed on manager dashboards in real-time for compliance monitoring and proactive management. Address missing punches before payroll deadlines and send automated reminders for time sheet submission. With MRMS approvals, time sheets are simultaneously routed to multiple managers for faster review and approval of employee time worked in their assignment.

Effective Workforce Management

Tracking employee attendance shouldn’t take over anyone’s schedule. With MRMS, take back your valuable hours and get time tracking under control. Increase efficiency and productivity with accurate attendance tracking, flexible paperless process, and an integrated employee database.


Flexible, convenient, accurate, and loaded with options, MRMS will help you get workforce management into shape. Our software is designed to effectively manage many difficult scheduling issues, like remote workers, distributed teams, and more. We simplify the complicated world of scheduling, leave requests, and reporting while helping you maintain compliance in a rapidly changing world. Here are a few features of our MRMS


·         Business rule-based options
·         Multi-level, user-defined business policies
·         Eliminates the need for PC/Bio metric
/Time card or more with mobile
·         Electronic time management
·         Unlimited user-defined scheduling
·         Broad selection of standard reports
·         Real-time event reporting


An MRMS daily log (attendance) is available as a cloud-based solution or as web-enabled in-house software platforms. Built to function as a stand-alone application, MRMS is even better in concert with our other modules. MRMS runs on one employee database - keeping records current, eliminating redundant data entry, and saving you time and money.


Our software is developed and supported in house. That focuses on support means highly trained, knowledgeable reps at your service. We stay up-to- date on regulations and create tools to maintain compliance, especially in today’s changing landscape.

Each client is assigned their own dedicated support person. We’ve been focused on good client relationships and strong customer service.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

MRMS Admin Panel Modules

Flexible Plan Options
  • MRMS tracks and manages multiple plan types, including medical, dental, life and disability plans.
  • MRMS supports multiple plan types, including medical, dental, vision, life, and disability.
  • Employee deduction amounts are automatically assigned to employees by mass updates at the end of open enrollment.
  • MRMS has built-in integrations for hundreds of popular benefit providers and automatically reports benefit information for simple, flexible, and cost-saving communication with carriers.

Easy Online Enrollment

Eliminate the complexity and paperwork of benefits administration with MRMS online enrollment. Employees can easily view the different plans and and manage their dependents all from the employee self-service site

  • Employee access to benefit plan information 24/7 from any device.
  • Reduce manual processes and increase efficiencies.
  • Unified system automatically saves benefit enrollment information to the employee record once submitted.

Benefits Administration

Everything you need to automate the most complex benefit plans, including beneficiaries, open enrollment, employee benefit statements, leave accruals and tools to manage compliance with MRMS.
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