Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Our Mobile app helps you better manage and connect with employees on the go

Our efforts and work remedy provides remarkable benefits to a wide variety of companies. Now, with the launch of MRMS app, sectors with on-the-go employees can knock in wherever they are and managers can monitor and implement presence guidelines easier than ever before.

The new mobile application is ideal for customers that implement craftsmen, electrical engineers, software engineers, students, interns, backyard gardeners, catering services, home care nursing staff, motorists and other mobile employees.

The new mobile application uses the phone's local system, allows for individual and team punches—including division, job, process information and limitations.

Mobile Punch

Your time in you mobile. Employees can easily log in and out for work as well as for foods and snacks. Routine and food limitations can also be customized depending on your company's guidelines.

Additional features
  • Make updates to your address and phone number directly.
  • Centralized Application Configuration
  • You retain centralized control over the application.
  • GPS Location
  • If available, the GPS coordinates of the phone are captured and attached to the punch.

“Workable is simple, intuitive and made for teams”

Cloud based use workable anywhere
Flexible, affordable subscription plans
Unlimited email and  phone support for every plan
Your own secure applicant tracking system

MRMS Mobile app provides workable pay-roll, primary HR, time & presence information to supervisors and workers immediately and is ideally accessible from any suitable device.

Reports anytime, anyway you want them.

You love how our mobile application allows you to narrow, team and type just about every part of information in MRMS. 

Shared Integration in the Cloud

Save your efforts and reduce costly mistakes by working with clean information in a central source of data.

Support your employees by enabling them to:
  • Manage time off, including online leave booking and verification
  • Update personal details and contacts
  • Maintain their skills, qualifications and competency profile
  • Access personal documents, pay slips and organizational material
  • Review, request and book training activities
  • Access pay, reward and benefits data including total reward statements
  • View non-sensitive employee directories

Support your managers by enabling them to:
  • Access relevant team data quickly, easily and securely
  • Approve employee information and change requests
  • Review team pay, benefit and reward, including online salary modeling and submission
  • Manage their own and employee absence requests and see who’s off in their team
  • Support decision making via access to interactive management dashboards and reporting

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