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MRMS Attendance Tracking

Not Your Typical Online Attendance Software

Don't settle for a rigid employee time tracking system that doesn't fit the way you work. MRMS attendance tracking system adapts to the most complex labor environments, keeping you in control of your workforce and in compliance with labor laws, while reducing your labor costs.

“Complex pay rules? Multiple locations and job assignments? No problem!”

MRMS attendance tracking software is different than other workforce management systems. There is no need to spend countless dollars on professional services to make the system work for you.
Plain and simple, no environment is too complex for our online time and attendance system. With MRMS, managing complex overtime rules, union contracts, multiple pay groups, numerous work site locations, shift differentials and more is easier than ever.
“Transform smart phones into time clocks with our Mobile Resource Management System.”
“MRMS Tracking for Your On-the-Go Workforce”
With the simple touch of a button, employees can easily clock in and out for work right from a mobile device. Online or offline, MRMS captures the date, time and GPS location of a punch.

Time tracking data is available in our unified human capital management system in real-time, giving you complete visibility into the comings and goings of your workforce.

Compatible with iOS® and Android® devices, MRMS is configurable for use by:
  •     Single employees
  •     Work crews
  •         Managers

Easy for Employees

In a few simple clicks, employees can time in and out for shifts and breaks with instant confirmation of punch details. They can also enter work site information, tasks or work ticket, view schedules, request paid time off or check their balances right from the app.

Hard to Outsmart

MRMS captures the date, time and location of a time in or time out, even when cell service is down. With real-time visibility, managers can immediately address exceptions when the time in or time out is made outside an acceptable radius.

The features can be enabled to automatically clock out workers when they leave a designated work area. What's more?

Highly Adaptable

MRMS can be configured for use by single employees and managers. Beyond capturing basic punch information, employers have the option to track allocated hours by department and/or task. grow, our solution grows with you. Activate the payroll services and HR for a full human capital management solution, all within the same technology platform.”

Time & Attendance

Traditional timekeeping methods set the stage for calculation and data entry errors, as well as incorrect application of company policies. Honest mistakes are frequent and usually not discovered until after payroll has been disbursed, if ever at all. Additional time and money are commonly spent on error correction, tax penalties, and even legal disputes. The entire process is unnecessarily labor-intensive, error prone and costly.

MRMS replaces cumbersome tracking procedures and completely eliminates collecting payroll information manually.

MRMS is a very robust and capable program for managing time and attendance. Yet, ease-of-use has not been compromised by its power. We've made certain the program is easy to get started, use, and maintain. MRMS helps you Collect, Manage, and Process your employee time.

Collect Time

Collect time with a physical time clock, through your web browser, or mobile device. We have a solution for any work environment, and all integrate seamlessly with MRMS Time.

Manage Time

MRMS, Time provides flexible time tracking with a rules driven approach. Supervisors can easily view absences, monitor exceptions, and receive alerts. It is built to handle overtime and premiums, rounding rules, meal and break policies, and even complex environments that have shifts that cross midnight. MRMS handles it all with ease.

Time, Attendance, and Scheduling

MRMS Time and Attendance is a highly flexible solution designed to meet unique time and labor requirements across all industries and across all levels of an organization, providing people with quick, simple, and accurate time entry. This solution is best suited for a large enterprise organization.

Time Management

MRMS Time Management automates and simplifies time tracking. Support all levels of your organization to complete time entry with ease and efficiency, seamlessly integrate with employee and pay information, and receive automatic compliance and labor law updates. This solution is best suited for a mid-market organization.

MRMS connects with net time solutions to provide a state-of-the-art, cloud-based time and attendance option to automate time capture and help your organization comply with labor laws.

Time Codes, Submission & Approval
  •     Configurable allocation of timesheets
  •     Overtime tracking
  •     Out of hours
  •       Employee submission / approval of timesheets
  •     Configurable multi-level approval


Flexible, convenient, accurate, and loaded with options, Optimum Time & Attendance will help you get workforce management into shape. Our software is designed to effectively manage many difficult scheduling issues, like remote workers, drivers, distributed teams, and more. 

“With MRMS biometric time clocks, down-to-the-minute time tracking is just the beginning.”
Our  biometric time clocks make time fraud obsolete. MRMS biometric time clocks give you real time visibility into your workforce.

Management Insight
Custom Business Intelligence and Dashboards

Visualize your data in charts, reports, and KPIs with MRMS. Share reports with recruiting managers, account managers, and back-office staff. Customize dashboards for users and management within your organization.

All-in-One Solution

MRMS streamlines all of your organization's tasks and contains them within a single solution. With MRMS, you avoid cumbersome, time-consuming integrations with third-party add-ons.


MRMS reporting capabilities can be scaled to manage distinct groups or departments within your organization. Leverage MRMS to provide reports at the individual, group, division, or company-wide level.

MRMS Dashboards brings your business and all its data together into one efficient and convenient platform.
  •    All workforce management data in one place
  •    Automated reporting
  •        Increased transparency for better accountability
  •       Visualization
  •       Organization

“When we first went to the new time clock, I was amazed that I could complete payroll in a day and a half instead of three days…time saved is money saved.”

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